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STS MIGTEC Writing & Reading RETREAT online
September 7-9, 2021

In 2021, the first edition of the STS MIGTEC Writing and Reading Retreat will take place online. The 5 days-course aims to reflect and contribute to a critical understanding of current developments, shifts and transformations of migration and border control heavily shaped by the development, implementation and usage of technologies and socio-material infrastructures.
The STS MIGTEC Writing and Reading Retreat targets PhD students, early career and overall interested researchers from all academic backgrounds working at the intersection of science and technology studies (STS) and critical migration, security and border studies. It seeks to bring researchers from different disciplines and around the world together and to initiate scientific exchange to produce synergies for relevant knowledge production.

The STS MIGTEC Writing and Reading Retreat will cover themes like the following ones: border technologies, race and colonial/imperial power; border technologies and the (un)making of (un)knowledge; digital technologies, resistance and the mobile commons; migration control infrastructures and alternative infrastructures of resistance; migration control, technopolitics of public infrastructures, and (lacking) existential provisions and human rights.

It will combine different activities in two separate working groups: a) a writing group dedicated to presentations and critical peer-discussions of participants’ ongoing writing projects, b) a reading group dedicated to thematic readings and discussions. Additionally, there will be social activities orientated to networking and socializing with peers, roundtable sessions with renowned international academic experts as well as with stakeholders and activists, and optional yoga classes.

  1. a) Retreat Writing Group
    Developing the idea and working on a research paper can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially if working alone. This sprint workshop is designed to promote collaboration among early-career scholars who want to discuss a still preliminary article draft in a small and intimate setting. We welcome researchers looking for co-authors to further develop their ideas together. Workshop participants will be able to discuss potential common research interests, identify gaps in scientific literature and try hands-on converting the ideas into research output thanks to the constant confrontation and peer feedback. The goal is that by the end of the sprint everyone will have concrete plans on how to develop the article idea further. The program of the workshop includes during four sessions (à max. 2,5 hours) the presentation of paper drafts, receiving group feedback and individual comments, work in pairs, and walkthrough the academic writing process. Brief insights from the sessions will be shared in a visual report on the STS MIGTEC blog afterwards.
  2. b) Retreat Reading Group
    The STS MIGTEC reading club is a digital meeting space where the members would suggest and discuss literature related and relevant to classic and contemporary readings coming from Science and Technology Studies, Critical Migration and Border and Security Studies. The reading club will start during the STS MIGTEC retreat, and it will continue with monthly meetings. The first round of the reading club will be dedicated to women scholars and will touch upon feminist technoscience readings. The scope of the first round is to bring research on migration together with feminist and postcolonial reflections, theories and methodologies that have been developed within an STS context:
    ‘’The Cyborg Manifesto’ in an Era of Mobility’ (Donna Haraway); ‘Feminist STS and the Sciences of the Artificial’ and ‘Technologies of Migration’ (Lucy Suchman); ‘Dark Matters: Racialized Surveillance of Migrants’ (Simone Browne); ‘Matters of Care’ & ‘Matters of Migrants’ (Maria Puig de la Bellacasa); ‘Monsters, Catastrophes and the Anthropocene’ (Gaia Giuliani); ’Data Feminism’ (D’Ignazio, Catherine, and Lauren F. Klein); ’Agential Realism’ (Karen Barad); ’Technofeminism’ (Judy Wajcman).

STS MIGTEC Writing and Reading Retreat organizing team:
Maria Ullrich, Vasiliki Makrygianni, Silvan Pollozek, Olga Usachova, Ana Visan, Nina Amelung

STS MIGTEC APERITIVO. Insights into research projects

As part of the STS-MIGTEC Retreat, we are happy to announce the evening event STS Migtec Aperitivo.

Program Aperitivo_September 9, 2021