coordination committee

The coordination committee regularly updates and discusses the development of the STS-MIGTEC network. The committee is currently structured in three sub groups that work on outreach activities, organize events such as conferences and workshops, and identify potential funding opportunities for research projects and other initiatives related to STS and critical migration and border studies.

The coordination committee for the period between September 2021 – March 2023 consists of
Nina Amelung (chair)
Silvan Pollozek (chair)
Olga Usachova (chair)
Vasilis Argyirou
Andrea Berger
Lisa Borelli
Mara Clemente
Arely Cruz-Santiago
Vasilis Galis
Ivan Josipovic
Thea Kirsch
Vasiliki Makrygianni
Emelin de Oliveira
Paul Trauttmansdorff
Aristotle Tympas
Maria Ullrich
Wouter Van Rossem
Dimitri van den Meerssche
Jasper van der Kist
Matthias Wienroth

If you would like to get involved, please write an email to